D Strickland - Strickly Business

D Strickland - Strickly Business

Strickly Business W.N.Y. finds New Instructors at BETC’s Career Fair Cookout!
On Tuesday, July 17th, the Buffalo Employment and Training Center hosted its annual Summer Employment Fair and Cookout, at 77 Goodell St., and Strickly Business W.N.Y. was invited to setup a table and pre-interview possible candidates, to enroll in the certified CPR, AED and First Aid, instructors training course.

As a registered, insured and specialized Safety & Health Consulting Company that has been providing the latest curriculums, high-quality training courses and emergency management systems, across Western New York since 2015, we have grown a solid reputation.

Workplace safety is a growth industry. State and Federal regulations require many organizations and businesses to give their employees essential safety training to mitigate risk and respond to emergencies.  As we continue to grow, we strive to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to our current and prospective clients needs.

We were looking for individuals with a desire to help and teach individuals and groups life saving skills, and a big part of finding and keeping high energy, professionals, is that there client-focused, driven and open to new ideas.  We were pleased with the turnout, as several capable individuals signed-up.

Normally it cost $500 to take the two day instructors course to become a certified American Heart Association advanced CPR, AED and First Aid instructor.  For this event, SBWNY waived that fee.  This was the first step in introducing participants to a very rewarding field and possibly pursuing a career to becoming an EMT, Paramedic, and a Registered Nurse or anywhere in the emergency, healthcare field.

The first step is to actually take a class to become trained in CPR/AED/First Aid. Everyone that completed the class learned how to recognize a medical emergency, perform CPR, use an AED and apply First Aid to an infant, child or adult. This certification will be a great resume enhancer!  At this time, our team selected three (3) individuals to go into the instructor training program.

The world of natural and manmade disasters has become common and all around us. SBWNY is continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to provide the latest educational and safety preparedness training programs, with the best possible instructors.  We are very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed, as we continue working to ensure we remain on the cutting edge, so everyone will “Be Safe, Be Ready”

Again, a special thank you to Demone Smith, BETC Executive Director and Joyce Faines, Placement Specialist for the invitation and support to help us find excellent candidates.