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Job Search Assistance

The Buffalo Employment and Training Center offers free services in both individual and group settings. The following provides an overview of the many opportunities offered at our Center.

Searching for Employment through the BETC

Job Search and Placement Services for job seekers are designed to help area residents find gainful employment. If you have recently lost your job or been out of work for a while, we will help you get the job you need while assisting you prepare for the career you want.  

Whatever your job skills, career goals, talents or special interests, we make it easy for you to search and apply for a job. All our services are FREE.  

Services provided at the BETCOn any given day, job seekers can be found actively utilizing the abundant resources of the BETC to learn more about various careers and job opportunities. The BETC provides a variety of other services to make your job search easier, which include:

  • Computer availability with Internet access
  • America's Job Bank
  • New York State Job Services
  • Choices CT
  • Computer based skills Assessment  
  • Career inventory system.  

We also offer access to copier and fax machines and a telephone bank to place job related phone calls. At our Resource Center you'll find staff there to assist you with resume and cover letter writing. You will also meet local employers who are currently hiring, as they visit our Career Center on a regular basis.  

The BETC houses a variety of career related information which you'll find useful during your job search such as; news publications, local and national labor market information, and information about training programs and schools.  

Our formula for success is working

BETC provides a wide range of counseling, training, support and placement services for job seekers. In addition, we work with hundreds of area companies to help them hire and train dependable employees.  

At the BETC, we'll review your work experience and education to determine how you can best develop your talents and market your skills. If you have no work experience or special skills, we'll provide you with the training you need to compete effectively in the workplace. For more information on training, see the Education & Training section. 

We'll also help you identify other capabilities or interests in the fields you may have never considered before. And we'll give you the resources and support you need to successfully pursue your career aspirations. For more information on Career Counseling, see the Career Planning page.  

Finally we'll identify and match you with the companies who are looking for qualified candidates with the skills and expertise you now possess.  

Every advantage to land a lucrative job

Take advantage of materials and help from our Career Resource Center. Get unlimited copies of your resume, typing assistance, free use of computers, phones and the Internet, free postage, plus access to business directories and other support services

Learn to be a successful job seeker

Our small-group sized workshops will provide you information on how to write a resume, how to write a great cover letter, and how to make a great first impression on an interview. Check the calendar of events for information on dates and times.

For more information, please view our Contact Us page for telephone and address information.


  • Finding a job, changing jobs or trying to build your career skills can be a difficult and confusing challenge. Workforce Buffalo Counselors are prepared to assess your situation and make your search easier, by providing the knowledge and tools needed for you to succeed.
  • Presenting your skills and abilities is an important part of the interview process. Are you prepared to discuss them with a potential employer? Workforce Buffalo offers many workshops and seminars to improve your interviewing technique.