Buffalo Employment and Training Center

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Tools and Resources

Whether you are new to the job market or an experienced professional seeking a career change, the BETC can help you identify career options which are right for you.  Our Center offers a full range of tools and resources to move your job search forward. Below is a partial listing. Remember, there are no costs associated with our services.

  • Computer stations with high-speed Internet access to online job listings, employer information and more.
  • Three Computer Labs to facilitate on-site training.
  • Workshops focusing on interview skills, networking, job search strategies and career exploration.  
  • Access to copy, mail and fax services.
  • Access to State, County and City Civil Service opportunities.
  • Regularly scheduled Job Fairs and Meet the Employer Sessions.
  • Access to labor market data and employment information.
  • Legal, Medical and Lifestyle Referrals  
    • WNY Law Center  
    • Minority Bar Association  
    • ECMC oUB Dental School
    • Buffalo Public School Barber/Cosmetology School Several Workforce Buffalo network partners, also offer on and off-site programs and are ready to assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • Access VR
  • Job Corp
  • Buffalo Urban League
  • Buffalo Public Schools
  • University of Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center

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  • Late for an interview? Being late, or not showing up at all, will not have a positive impact on your candidacy for the job. Always plan for the unexpected and arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled interview.
  • Limiting yourself to mail and on-line applications? Don’t stop once you apply. Follow up with a personal call to the recruiter of HR office. Research if any friends, or family work at the company. Network and get that foot in the door.