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On-the-Job Training Assistance

On-the-Job Training (OJT) provides unique opportunities for participants who already possess some job-related skills and knowledge, to earn as they learn. By participating in training as an employee, individuals acquire new skills and knowledge, while receiving the same wages and benefits as current employees in similar positions. Employers benefit from reimbursement for participant’s wages during the training period, while benefitting from the services of full-time talent.

OJT Policies and Protocols 

Addendum A Pre-Award Review Business Application

Addendum B OJT Employer Responsibility & Attestation

Addendum C OJT Business Data Sheet 

Addendum D OJT Individual Training Plan

Addendum E OJT Contract Update

Addendum F OJT Contract Modification

Addendum G OJT Trainee Monitoring Report

Addendum H OJT Employer Monitoring Report

Addendum I OJT Funding Options

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