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Youth Services

Youth Services address disadvantaged youth to develop and enhance skills needed to attain a diploma, high school equivalency, enroll in post-secondary education and obtain employment.

Local In-School Youth and Out-of-School Youth (school drop-outs) are served with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds.  The needs of in-school and out-of-school youth are met through the work of contractors tasked with improving literacy and numeracy, attaining a high school equivalency and placement into post-secondary education or unsubsidized employment.

WIOA eligible youth (ages 14-24) enrolled in our youth services program are provided with the following services:

  • Objective assessment of their academic levels, skill levels, and service needs including a review of their basic needs, occupational skills, prior work experience, employability, interests, aptitudes, supportive services needs and developmental needs.

  • Development of an Individual Service Strategy for each youth that identifies an employment goal, appropriate achievement objectives.

  • Preparation for post-secondary educational opportunities.

  • Strong linkages between academic and occupational learning.

  • Preparation for unsubsidized employment.

  • Effective connections to intermediaries with strong links to the job market.

Goals and objectives for each youth are addressed through one or more of the following program elements:

  1. Tutoring, study skills training, and instruction, and evidence-based dropout prevention and recovery strategies leading to completion of secondary school or equivalent;

  2. Alternative secondary school services;

  3. Paid and unpaid work experiences that have as a component academic and occupational education;

  4. Occupational skills training;

  5. Education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workforce preparation activities;

  6. Leadership development opportunities;

  7. Supportive services;

  8. Adult mentoring during program participation and subsequent period for at least 12 months;

  9. Follow-up services for at least 12 months after program completion;  

  10. Comprehensive guidance and counseling services;

  11. Financial literacy education;

  12. Entrepreneurial skills training; 

  13. Services that provide labor market and employment information about in-demand industry sectors;

  14. Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to postsecondary education and training.

Please contact Catholic Charities of Buffalo (for Out-of-School Youth services) at (716) 893-3500 or Buffalo Urban League (for Out-of-School or In-School Youth services) at (716) 250-2400.

For more information, please click on the following links:

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