Job Posting: Business Services Specialist


The Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Development Consortium, Inc. (WDC) seeks to fill the following position: Business Services Specialist


This opening is not a counselor/counseling related position. This is a professional level employment opportunity requiring a high-level of independent judgment, creative problem solving, and interpersonal skills to address the needs of the local and regional business community. The primary responsibility of a Business Services Specialist is to develop relationships with local businesses, and related industry associations to develop strategies to address employment and training needs, workforce skill gaps, and to establish sustainable careers for job-seeking customers. The successful candidate must possess significant knowledge of and expertise of the regional business climate, local workforce development, the local labor market, vocational training and economic development. Private industry experience in business development is a plus. The applicant should have advanced knowledge of the services and goals of the Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act (WIOA) and the services and goals of the Workforce Buffalo System. Salary $45,000-$55,000

The WDC’s policies and practices relating to recruitment, employment, career development and advancement, promotion and retirement are based solely on merit, without regard to race, gender, impairment, marital status, religious/political beliefs, genetic information or other nonmerit related considerations.

To apply and view the complete position description with REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS, please visit:

Business Services Specialist - Buffalo, NY -

Deadline for submissions is November 21, 2022.